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Changing Values in Engagement Request


I'm integrating DeltaDNA and I need to understand how to handle the parameters returned from an engagement event.

For example:
1-Player get stuck in one of our levels

2-Game trigger the gotStuck engage event and receive that price to buy a life changed from 30 -> 40 coins

When should I set the life price back to 30?(end of session, after some time, after next engage event, never)


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Hi Icaro,

Engage is used to personalize the game experience for specific players, however, you will need to build the hooks into the game to react to any parameters you send to the game from Engage.

Think about the following two questions :

  1. What kind of things might you want to alter in the game remotely.
    Will guide you on what parameters you want to send from Engage and how to build the hooks in the game to react to them
  2. When should the game think about these decisions.
    Will guide you on the decision points in the game where you will make a request to Engage.

Once these are implemented in the game, you can use the insights learned from the game data to implement an Engage strategy and start personalising the game. You will be able to target specific player segments at certain parts of the game and modify specific aspects of the game for them. 

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