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GeoLocation IP


last month we released a game in Australia and New Zealand. It is important for us to track the geo location our question is what information is exactly collected from the end user when the Geo IP is enabled?

best regards


Hi Andreas, 

The IP address that incoming events are received from is used to determine the geolocation of a user, but the IP address is never stored as that could breach the privacy policy of some developers and publishers. 

Only the country the player is playing from is stored e.g. US, NZ, CA etc.. This country info can be used in a filter on all Measure charts and is exposed on all events in the Analyse tools.

You can Enable / Disable geoLocation on the "Edit Game Details" page that can be reached by following the breadcrumbs at the top of the site to your account page, then clicking the "Edit Game" button on the game you wish to edit.

The Geo IP Location switch is half way down the "Edit Game" page

best regards, 

Laurie McCulloch

Head of Operations

Hi Laurie,

thanks for your quick response - much appreciated! Privacy Policy was our concern but how you collect information is not in violation with our terms. 

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