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Geo IP tracking


We are currently trying to set up user tracking and need to track their countries.

The ipAddress parameter has been added to our events to achieve this, since the IP is easy to obtain for us. However, the user countries always show up as "unknown".

The game tracking setup is as follows:

  • Events are sent from the game server.
  • Geo IP Location is enabled.
  • The ipAddress parameter is sent with every event.
In the docs and forums it is mentioned that the source IP address is used for Geo IP Location. This doesn't explain why no user countries are shown in the stats. If the game server's IP was used, there would be one country exclusively.

The parameter description of ipAddress states, that it can be used "to geo locate players if country or region parameters are not collected".

Is it possible to use the ipAddress parameter to geo locate players?

What do we need to change for the country tracking to work properly?

The country of users may change and it would be great to always track the current location of players (instead of only using the IP on the newPlayer event).

Best regards,


Hi Markus, 

The deltaDNA platform will automatically populate your userCountry data if you enable the Geo IP Location option on your Game Details page and are sending events from your game client. You don't need to manually populate the ipAddress or userCountry parameters on your newPlayer events if you have Geo IP Location enabled. 

I have had a look at what I think is your game on the platform and Geo Ip Location isn't enabled on it, but I could be looking at the wrong game! If you would like me to check your implementation please email me the name of your account / game 



Hi Laurie,

Thanks for your quick response. I'm composing an email to you right now.

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