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Unity SDK for Unity 5.3 (support Android 6.0)


There is a major issue with the latest version of your Unity SDK with Unity 5.3 and Android 6.0.

The game won't even show the splash screen. The log stops at "Unity  : Unable to query for permission: android.permission.WRITE_INTERNAL_STORAGE". There is barely no log actually.


This bug has been reproduced with an empty project and just your SDK.


Do you know when Unity 5.3 will be supported by your SDK ?


Thanks a lot.

We have been looking into this issue and found the following problem that is introduced in Unity 5.3 when building for Android 6.0

since this fix will be backported to 5.3 we suggest staying on a previous version of Unity until the following fix will be included in the (probably) 5.3.1 release, it is currently already in 5.2.4:

Android: Fixed querying for custom permissions on Android Marshmallow. (750227)

The reason this bug only shows up after integrating our SDK is the fact that a clean project will not need any permissions and our SDK will request permission to access the network.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your reply.

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