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Integrating with Facebook Canvas games

What is the best practice if I want to use DeltaDNA to track a Facebook Canvas game? 

Currently the only supported platforms are Android, iOS, and Unity.

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Hello Johnson,

We have SDK's for these platforms which means we use the built in features that these platforms use for caching, networking and contacting the REST API to send analytics data through.

When you are creating a Facebook canvas game the game itself will usually be an HTML5 canvas with a WebGL player in there, this is one of the build options unity provides, which means you can use Unity and our Unity SDK to create the game with.

If you are using a pure Javascript implementation and are using Javascript to write your game in then there are a lot of things the mobile SDK's offer that do not apply. In this case it is pretty straightforward to implement the sending of events yourself. You can find an example on how to do that in Javascript here: and the official documentation for the REST API can be found here:

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