It is possible to segment your players by the build of the game that they are playing.

Each time a player starts a gameplay session they should record a gameStarted event that can contain any of the optional clientVersion, dataVersion and serverVersion parameters. These parameters can be used to drive player segments but you will be responsible for populating these parameters in your game. 

For example in the iOS SDK, you can populate the clientVersion automatically from the CFBundleVersion. 

Before setting up a player segment based on the clientVersion parameter you should check that it is setup as a player metric on your game by visiting the Game Parameters page and ensuring the First  & Last metrics checkboxes on the clientVersion event are checked. 

You can now create a new Manual Segment 

The clientVersion parameter is a STRING metric, so your selection criteria should look something like 

Save this selection, then you will be able to access it as a Measure chart filter, Funnel or Slice & Dice Filter. The player segment can also be used to target players for A/B Tests, Targeted Campaigns and Push Notifications.