The Slice & Dice tool allows users to dig much deeper into the data from their game, finding insights that will allow you to improve the retention and monetisation and address questions such as:

  • Is the mission difficulty correctly balanced?
  • What items are being sold?
  • How much virtual currency is being consumed?

This tool runs against your HOT game data and is subject to any data retention policies on your game. You can access any events and parameters sent from your game and use them to build custom tables and charts.

The parameters need to have data in them, therefore been sent through as part of an event, before they can be used in Slice & Dice queries.

Parameters created under Setup->Tools-Events->Manage Game Parameters can be added to Slice & Dice using the "add" button under "Measures"

Here you can select the value type for the parameter.

Once the parameter has been added you can use it as part of any Slice & Dice query.