DeltaDNA offers a GeoIP feature that stores the players' last known location as their current location. By default this feature is turned off.

In order to enable this feature go the Game Management page and click the Edit Game Details button:

In the Edit Game Details page there is a radio button that indicates if the GeoIP location feature is turned on or not.

Once this feature is enabled the source IP address of every event that comes in will be resolved and the country code will be added to the events. Also the last known event for each player will be used to determine the current location of the player. The latter is stored as a user metric and will be updated every 24 hours.

Note: Once Geo IP Location is turned on in a live game it will take up to 24 hours before this information is visible as a user metric. Users without any events after the feature is enabled will not have the userCountry stored in the user metrics.