As you may know, at WWDC 2020, Apple announced some changes to IDFA with iOS 14 - namely that players will have to opt in to cross-app tracking, as opposed to opting out. We wanted to share how Unity is thinking about this announcement.

We support efforts to give players more control over their data. This announcement may seem like a big change, but it is unlikely to have a big impact on your deltaDNA usage. Furthermore, we are prepared to help you make any necessary adjustments.

As part of its iOS 14 update, Apple will require app developers, including media owners and brands, to disclose the data they collect and the third parties they share it with. Effectively, by putting transparency and permissions firmly into consumer's hands; this makes IDFA an opt-in feature on a per-app basis making ad requests without IDFA likely to increase.

Specifically, in relation to deltaDNA and your games, here is some further info that might help your planning:

Data Collection

DeltaDNA does not automatically record the IDFA or use it to drive your Analytics or CRM, so unless you are explicitly sending us the IDFA and using it for your own purposes you shouldn't be impacted by changes to it.

    Opt in

You may need to show players an information screen when they launch the game for the first time, explaining what information you are collecting, who you are sharing it with, what it is being used for and giving them the opportunity to opt out.


For those of you using Unity Ads, Unity has been investing for years on contextual advertising algorithms for direct demand. We have highly effective contextual ad targeting.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any further questions.