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Missing header/message on repeated engagement request.

I'm requesting an engagement that returns a simple message action. 

The 1st time I request it for a new user, it's returned with header, message transactionID and parameters:

{\"transactionID\":2305886599697215488,\"heading\":\"Test Heading\",\"message\":\"Thanks for playing this weekend, here are some gems!\",\"parameters\":{\"rewardName\":\"gems_10\"}}

If I request the same engagement again for the same user, I get a transactionID and parameters only:


Am I doing something wrong or is this expected? What is the use case for this 2nd message without the header and message?



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Hi Michael,

Hopefully the reply I sent you helped you out, but I'll answer here too as it could also help other people with a similar question.

Campaigns are designed to only engage users once, so that they don't keep getting the same action delivered multiple times.

There is however an option in the Campaign settings to set it to repeating, which in this case would return the header and message each time a user met the conditions of the campaign. For more information on this topic you can check here:

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